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Since 1980, our mission has been to build a team of professionals committed to providing surety bond credit to contractors. Our experience and superior service set us apart from other agents and brokers. Over the years, CB&MS has developed proven innovative methods of working with both the client and surety markets that we represent.

YOUR vision is our vision; our continued success would not be possible without the support and partnership of the contractors we serve. Our goal is to become actively engaged in assisting our clients meet and maintain their surety bond requirements. You will quickly realize that CB&MS’s primary focus is on building relationships and becoming your biggest advocate. CB&MS is confident that we will have a positive impact on your business and ultimately your bottom line.


Surety Bond Credit

Surety Bonds are not insurance. Securing Surety Bond Credit is similar to applying for a loan through a bank.


Getting started with CB&MS is easy! View checklists and forms designed to assist you in applying for Surety Bond Credit and start requesting Bid, Performance and Payment Bonds today.


CB&MS has successfully placed many bonds for clients on projects ranging from large commercial work to private contracts.

Surety Bond Credit

Surety bonding is not insurance. Insurance is a pooling of risk where a group of people contribute to a common fund which is used to pay losses sustained by individual participants. Surety, on the other hand, is a contract where one party, the surety, guarantees the acts or promises of another party, the contractor (or principal), to a third party, the owner (or obligee). The only similarity between insurance and surety is that both industries’ call the fees they charge “premiums.”

Obtaining Surety Bond Credit is similar to applying for a loan through a bank. Both a banker and a surety underwriter want assurance that the contractor can perform with no loss to themselves. The information requested by surety bond underwriters allows them to analyze a company and make a decision as to whether or not to extend credit, and in what amount. Integrity, skill, and financial resources are the key components to this decision.

CB&MS will present this information to bonding companies in a manner designed to maximize your bonding credit. We are knowledgeable with contractual terms and conditions and can offer recommendations on other professionals such as accountants, bankers or attorneys.

In our “Forms” section, we have specifically outlined the information required by the surety. While this process may seem complicated we hope the information found on our website will simplify the process.

Service To Our Clients

CB&MS is a recognized leader in providing Performance and Payment Bonds. We are staffed with a team of professionals who understand construction and the challenges faced by contractors in today’s marketplace. Our experience and reputation offers access to several surety markets along with personal assistance to help you maximize your bond credit at the lowest possible cost.

How We Do It

What You Should Expect

Submission of Underwriting Package

This information is necessary to begin the process of qualifying for Surety Bond Credit. After underwriting approval, a surety bond line of credit will be established. This will be reevaluated periodically and updated information will most likely be requested. Please use this checklist to verify you have included all documents. Use your own form or use one of our forms here. A complete and thorough submission will ensure the fastest evaluation and response to your request for a bond line.

Company Financial Statements

CPA prepared company statements for the last three fiscal year ends, using the accrual or percentage of completion method of accounting. If the latest company statement is more than six months old, please provide an in-house interim statement.

Personal Financial Statement

Provide for all principal owners or partners dated concurrently with the companies' fiscal year end.

Schedule of Uncompleted Work

Provide a current schedule of your work in progress.

Bank Letter

The letter is to be written by your banker and must include your past relationship with the bank, average bank balances, line of credit available and lending terms.

Reference Letters

These letters should be from owners on previously completed projects. In addition, please complete the Reference Summary Form.

Contractors Questionnaire.

Please complete this form as thoroughly as possible.

Resumes of Owners and Key Personnel

If current resumes are not available, please complete the Resume Form or provide a brief narrative of each individual's background and experience.


Bid Bond Order

Whenever possible, submit the Bid Bond Order three days prior to the bid in order to process your request and arrange for delivery to you. Refer to the checklist for clarification of requested information.
Submit Online

Performance and Payment Bond Order

Submit completed form along with a Copy of Contract, Bid Results and any owner required Bond Forms.
Submit Online

Contractor's Questionnaire

Please complete as thoroughly as possible.
Download Form

Personal Financial Statement

Provide for all principal owners or partners, dated concurrently with the companies’ fiscal year end report.
Download Form

Reference Summary

Contact us if you have any questions filling out this form.
Download Form


Complete for all owners and key personnel.
Submit Online

Schedule of Uncompleted Work

Provide a current listing of your work in progress. Download the spreadsheet and e-mail to info@cbmsofwa.com
Download Form

License Bond Application

Please complete thoroughly. We will notify you of the status of your application usually within 24-48 hours. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our license bond program.
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